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You can search court cases by case Number, case search by name, or attorney at popularly know as Mycase Indiana. Many United States (USA) courts post that information online.

Mycase Indiana

Indiana my case – Case Search

Indiana my case is an online official website wherein one can easily search the public records, having an elaborative database carrying information on civil and criminal cases within the jurisdiction of Indiana. It can be said that the mycase website is providing substantial access to public records which is a great benefit to the people as they can access the records whenever it is required.

Records are generated through the odyssey case management system. Further, the Rules on Access to Court Records under the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, has an intention to provide public access to certain documents in order to have –

  1. Accessibility
  2. Usage of court staff and clerk effectively
  3. Protection of interests
  4. Public safety
  5. Minimize the risk of injury to individuals

Options to search in mycase gov?

One can simply by going to the mycase login Indiana option. Also, there are easy steps to be followed in order to search the cases in MyCase such as:

  • Party search
  • Attorney name search
  • Citation, case number, or cross-reference search
  • Business name search in case it is the party name

Further, the search can be done by choosing the advance search option which can help to further search and narrow down the result.

The records can be searched by a magic trick that can help find the record by simply putting an asterisk sign after the search term, which further processes and limits the search only to the term provided, and thereafter desired results can be obtained.

People can further modify their search by using the advanced option which includes case status and other options and more than one court can also be chosen to widen the search.

Documents available in my case Indiana gov

As per the Indiana Public Records Law, any document in writing study, maps, memorandum, recordings, books, etc. created or retained or filed by the public agency is included as a public record. Public documents available which are not confidential in mycasein includes:

  1. Orders in civil cases
  2. Non-confidential documents in criminal cases
  3. Final orders and judgments of criminal cases
  4. Opinion and orders in appellate cases
  5. Petitions and briefs of any attorney along with motions in non-confidential appellate cases

mycasein Access Public Records

Any person including corporations, government bodies, partnerships, etc has the right to access the Indiana public records. After searching as per the easy instructions on the website the records can be accessed. Another mode can be to request physical copies from the staff during the office hours of the clerk.

Further to access the public criminal records of Indiana, the same can be done by just getting in touch with the clerk of the court in charge. Mostly, the management of the records is done by the clerk of the Circuit court and Supreme Court. Further by using the online platform, the same can be done as well. The feature for child support is also one of the services been provided and can be requested.

Record Custodian For the Public Records

It is mandatory for the record custodians to maintain and provide copies of the records to the interested persons provided that the document is not exempted to be provided. Therefore, it is a must to contact the record custodian in order to obtain the records so desired.

All the custodian agencies in Indiana may have both online and offline platforms to access the public records. In certain cases, after the request has been made by the seeker, the record custodian can either provide a physical copy of the record or else a downloadable format that can be accessed easily at the seeker’s convenience.

The request seeker needs to provide the following details:

  • Full name of the seeker
  • Case numbers
  • Mode of delivery of the record
  • Contact details of the seeker
  • The purpose for accessing the record
  • Date when the record was documented

The same can also be accessed and requested online by using the Public Record Request. Further, also Bulk Requests can also be made in writing and submitted to the Indiana office of court services.

Indiana my case CONCLUSION

Both civil and criminal records which are accessible to the public except the confidential documents are included in an online portal. The records vary from courts and counties and are totally at their discretion as to when they decide to use thereby to upload the records and can be found on mycase indiana search courts.

The seekers who need information and the records should first of all be aware of the specific details of the desired record. Therefore, the brief of the record custodian should be read and understood. Along with a valid ID proof should be always in hand while requesting the records.

One can easily find the list of courts that are using the Odyssey management system in the state of Indiana and accordingly further search their case as per requirement.

In case the documents are not uploaded online, the court staff can be directly contacted. Contact details and working hours of the court and court clerk’s office are available under the court directory. Also, Indiana Records Facility maintains a portal to search and request to obtain the records as described earlier.

A simple request can be made either in writing or if the document sought is available online can be downloaded by merely providing the details required and accessed. Further, the office timings and the working hours should be kept in mind, it is better to have a look at the staff directory in order to affirm the request process.

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frequently-asked questions (FAQs)

How can I access mycase?

Simply by accessing the website of and providing all the required details the case records can be accessed. There are different search options for the same which are easy to follow and thereby accessing the court documents which are public with the jurisdiction of Indiana courts.

Is it normal to have the court records accessed online ?

Yes, the court records deemed to be public records are available online for the seekers who need the records. The Rules on Access to Court records furnishes the list of the documents/records that are public and confidential.

What details are provided on the case search? website is a collection of civil and criminal public records which are updated as soon as the court uploads the record. The search for the records are easy steps to be followed once you visit the website and require no assistance.

Can a warrant issued for a person’s arrest be accessed as a public record?

Yes, if the court has not decided the matter to be confidential, the same is then uploaded and can be searched and downloaded online. Also, if desired to have a physical copy, the same can be done by requesting the court clerk’s office for any other additional information.

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