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Missouri Highway Patrol Crash Reports by MSHP:- All primary and first-hand information about any motor vehicle accident or a fatal injury that occurred during the same is recorded in an official crash report in Missouri. Any car crash incident followed by injuries or fatalities can be compiled in a report within 10 days.

This is an important document to further take action in cases of negligence, misconduct, and in matters of insurance.

Legal consultation can be requested to interpret or request changes in the accident report.

Missouri Highway Car Crash – patrol troops at location

Why Do You Need Your Missouri Crash Report?

An accident report becomes a very important document to ascertain the factors leading to a collision or a crash. If any areas of negligence are proven, this is liable for a legal penalty as per law.

Further, the analysis of accident reports is also crucial for insurance claim settlements.

MSHP Crash reports in the past have been used by government authorities to understand and eradicate on-road hazards before they become a reason for more fatalities.

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How To Get Your Missouri Highway Patrol Accident Crash Report

Here are the steps to get your report.

Get Your Report In-Person

To collect your accident report in person, you first have to contact your local highway patrol troop to know whether the report has been prepared or not.

If it is prepared, visit the troop’s traffic division office and get your copy straight away.

Get Your Report Online through Missouri State Highway Patrol Portal

The official website of the Missouri State Highway Patrol now has a section where you can apply for an accident report online. The tab on the official website will lead you to an application form.

By submitting the required details, you can initiate the process.

Once the application has been processed, you will be allowed to access the accident report online.

How Long Before the MSHP Crash Report Will Be Available?

In any typical accident case, the Missouri State Highway Patrol department usually takes only a week to release the accident report.

However, the official statement from the Department suggests that since several cases require detailed investigation before any official account can be given, hence ten days should be given to the department before applying for an accident report.

Further, the period can get prolonged if there are instances of injuries and fatalities involved in the crash.

The jurisdiction of preparing these crash reports is also very well defined.

If the crash takes place just inside the territory of any second adjoining state, the Missouri State Highway Patrol will have no role in the investigation.

When Should I Request a Legal Consultation?

Legal consultation becomes important in accident cases where insurance settlement claims are being denied by the company, or the accident is serious enough to have caused fatalities.

Seeking legal aid is even more important because, in Missouri, there is a five-year statute of limitations on accidents. The limitation is of three years if a fatality is involved.

For witness availability and the benefit of the doubt, it is advised to request legal consultation as soon as the accident report is accessed.

The “Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form 1140”

Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form 1140 is the official title of any accident report prepared by the Missouri State Highway Patrol department.

The official signatory of the Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form 1140 is the on-duty officer who first visited the accident site. There are also cases where no officer visited the accident site just after the accident.

In such cases, you can file a personal accident report from your side, following which a detailed investigation can be initiated by the department.

What Type of Reports you Can view at (MSHP) Missouri Highway Patrol Crash Report portal

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up an accident report in Missouri?

Ten days after the date of the crash, you can contact your local highway patrol troop to seek the crash report. You can also contact the Patrol’s Traffic Division for the same.

Who Can Obtain a Copy of a Report in Missouri?

As far as public records are concerned, anyone can access these reports. If you want to retrieve an official document of your own, then writing an application to the concerned authorities will do the job. For any other type of record or report retrieval, you will have to justify the reason with proper documents to seek a report.

How do I get my Missouri accident report online?

The Missouri State Highway Patrol website now has a dedicated section for accident reports. You have to fill out an application form following which the request will be processed and the report will be issued.

How do I find local car accidents?

The easiest way is to call any local police department and inquire about a missing person or vehicle. If an official accident report has been prepared for the same case, the police will call you and hand over the details accordingly.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this page is Purely for educational use only. Accessing this page does not give rise to an attorney-client relationship, and the information provided should not be regarded as legal advice.

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