Missouri Inmate Search (Lookup)

Missouri Inmate Search is made easy. The Missouri Department of Corrections has started an online facility where users can search for prisoners in county jails by their offender ID and names, respectively.

With this online database, details mentioned in public records, like the name, date of birth, gender, weight, etc., of the inmate can be accessed by anyone. The Missouri Department of Corrections also has a database for its community release center’s.

Ninety-six per cent of the prisoners in these county jails are eventually released in these centers after which they can again join the community and take up employment opportunities.

Missouri Inmate Search Online
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How to Preform a Missouri Inmate Search Online

You can go about searching inmate records in Missouri in these 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly, visit the official website of the Missouri Department of Corrections and select the Offender Web Search portal.

Step 2: Once the Offender Web Search tab opens, it will ask you to enter the offender ID, or the first and the last name of the offender concerned.

Step 3: Once you correctly enter these details, a list of offenders who match the details and are currently serving in Missouri’s county prisons will be displayed. All these names will have a DOC ID beside their name.

Step 4: You will have to correlate the DOC ID with the offender ID or the name. Click on the relevant one and all the public records about the particular offender will be displayed.

How Do I Contact Inmates in Missouri Prisons and Jails

Usually, the relatives of inmates in Missouri’s County jails communicate with them via postal mail.

Mails can be sent only in the prescribed 8.5″x11″ enclosures, and not more than five such enclosures will be delivered at one time. Photos have to be attached in separate enclosures, and polaroid photographs are not allowed.

Besides, certain items like envelopes, stamps, paper, pens, etc., cannot be sent to inmates from outside. They have to purchase it themselves from the commissary with due permission.

Mail-based and electronic transfer of funds to inmates is also permitted in Missouri. An official account needs to be opened, for which the formalities have to be completed at the commissary’s office by the inmate himself.

Missouri Prison and Jail System

There is a System for Prisons and Jails in Missouri

Types of Jails in Missouri

Missouri currently has 21 prison systems that entail 117 jails across 115 counties. The state prisons and county jails system is followed in Missouri as well. The minimum, low, medium, and high classification of prisons as per federal law also applies in Missouri’s jails.

The Difference between Missouri State Prisons and County Jail

The main difference between county jails and state prisons is based on their governing bodies and the jail terms.

County jails are basically local holding cells that are completely under the control of the county’s administration. The jail term here is usually short, because they are commonly used before a prisoner is to be presented before a magistrate, 24 hours after the detention.

State prisons, on the other hand, are directly under the control of the Missouri administration. Depending upon the judgment pronounced at the court’s level, the jail term varies from days, months, to even years.

How Do I Find Out an Inmate Release Date?

You can directly call the prison where the prisoner is incarcerated to know about the release date. Otherwise, these details are also available on the online offender database provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections.

If the details are not available online, you can also file a Freedom of Information Act request with the Bureau of Prisons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find an inmate in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Corrections website can be used to look up for inmates Search. The website has an online tool where you can search for an inmate by using the offender ID or their name. Details like name, height, DOC ID, gender, weight, etc.

How do I find out if someone is in county jail in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Corrections maintains an offender record database which is searchable by name And offender ID. So, if you know either of these two details, you can directly find out whether the person is an inmate in a county jail in Missouri or not.

How many jails are in Missouri?

With 21 state prison facilities, Missouri has 117 prisons across its 115 counties. The total prisoner count is approximately 12,000.

How many prisons are in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Corrections has 21 state prison facilities. The department also runs 2 community release centers and has a 96% release rate.

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